Season 4

City Limits

Joel and the Bots watch the science fiction flick, City Limits" (1985), in which two gangs of teenage bikers rule a divided city with jousts in a post-plague future of no adults."

  • S4, E3

  • June 20, 1992

  • TV-MA

Being From Another Planet

Joel and the Bots watch Being From Another Planet" (1982), a re-edited version of "Time Walker," in which a mummy awakened by a university team goes on a killing spree."

  • S4, E5

  • July 4, 1992

  • TV-14

Hercules and the Captive Women

Joel watches adventure film, Hercules and the Captive Women" (1963), where a Greek hero saves his son from the sexist queen of Atlantis."

  • S4, E12

  • September 12, 1992

  • TV-14

The Beatniks

Joel and the Bots watch The Beatniks" (1960), where a gang member's dream of stardom is ruined when his buddy commits murder. With Tony Travis, Peter Breck."

  • S4, E15

  • November 25, 1992

  • TV-14

Human Duplicators

Joel and the Bots watch a sci-fi film, Human Duplicators" (1965), in which government agents thwart an alien's plot to take over Earth with android doubles."

  • S4, E20

  • December 26, 1992

  • TV-PG

The Day the Earth Froze

Joel and the Bots watch fantasy movie, The Day the Earth Froze" (1959), where a witch spitefully steals the sun; with Nina Anderson, Jon Powers."

  • S4, E22

  • January 16, 1993

  • TV-14

Bride of the Monster

Joel sits through the horror movie, Bride of the Monster" (1955), where Dr. Vornoff's monster needs a mate. With Bela Lugosi. Directed by Edward D. Wood Jr."

  • S4, E23

  • January 23, 1993

  • TV-PG

Manos, Hands of Fate

Joel and his robot friends watch the horror movie, Manos, Hands of Fate" (1966), where a family driving through Texas asks a cult master for directions."

  • S4, E24

  • January 30, 1993

  • TV-PG