Season 6

The Dead Talk Back

In The Dead Talk Back" (1957), police consult a metaphysicist to help solve a case. Onboard the Satellite of Love, Mike and the Bots impersonate the Grateful Dead and Gypsy runs the crew through a fire drill."

  • S6, E3

  • July 30, 1994

  • TV-14

Zombie Nightmare

The Mads mess around with voodoo to mirror Mike and the Bots' experience in the screening room. In the 1987 horror film, a young man killed by a gang of teens is resurrected by a voodoo priestess.

  • S6, E4

  • November 24, 1994

  • TV-14

The Creeping Terror

Mike and the Bots watch The Creeping Terror" (1964), where a slow hairy monster from outer space absorbs people in Lake Tahoe."

  • S6, E6

  • September 17, 1994

  • TV-PG


Mike and the Bots sit through Bloodlust" (1961), where a demented doctor hunts teenagers with a bow and arrow. Meanwhile, Mother Forrester visits Deep 13."

  • S6, E7

  • September 3, 1994

  • TV-PG

The Skydivers

The Mads challenge Mike and the Bots to a swing choir contest. Then, the Mads force the gang to watch sports drama, The Skydivers" (1963), a flick with a barely detectable plot about love and revenge at a skydiving establishment."

  • S6, E9

  • August 27, 1994

  • TV-PG

The Violent Years

Down in Deep 13, the Mads introduce their soft jazz theme song. Meanwhile, Mike and the Bots sit through The Violent Years" (1956), where a newspaperman's daughter runs with a vicious girls' gang."

  • S6, E10

  • October 8, 1994

  • TV-14

The Sinister Urge

The gang sits through this strange 1960 feature presentation, in which police officers are on the hunt for a man murdering pornography films' lead actresses. Meanwhile, Frank threatens to blow up Deep 13.

  • S6, E13

  • November 5, 1994

  • TV-14

Red Zone Cuba

Mike and the gang take on the mise-en-scene epic, Red Zone Cuba" (1972), where three mercenaries steal a plane from Castro and flee to Arizona for crime."

  • S6, E19

  • December 17, 1994

  • TV-PG

The Beast of Yucca Flats

The gang barely survives the screening of the horror film, The Beast of Yucca Flats" (1961), where communists chase a large scientist into an atomic bomb test."

  • S6, E21

  • January 14, 1995

  • TV-14

Angels' Revenge

Seven women battle ruthless drug dealers in this '70s crime drama. As Mike and the Bots semi suffer through their movie, the Mads fight bad ratings down in Deep 13.

  • S6, E22

  • March 11, 1995

  • TV-14