Season 1

Trickster Ep. 1

When a violent drug dealer comes to collect an outstanding debt from Jared's mom, Maggie, Jared scrambles to come up with the cash. But Jared is robbed by an uncanny assailant, and that's not the only weird thing Jared is seeing. Even the intriguing girl from across the street isn't quite enough to distract him from the bizarre things that begin happening. And on top of all that, Richie the drug dealer decides to move in with Maggie and Jared.

  • TV-MA
  • S1, E1
  • October 7, 2020

Episode 2

While trying to ignore increasingly weird happenings and with Richie invading his home, Jared experiences an even bigger upset when he meets Wade, who claims to be his real father.

  • TV-MA
  • S1, E2
  • October 14, 2020

Trickster Ep. 3

With Maggie missing, Jared deals with Richie while trying to sort out the truth about Wade - only to be confronted by a dangerous new arrival, Georgina. A clash between Wade and Georgina reveals that the truth is even stranger than Jared could have guessed. Even his mother is a part of the supernatural mystery surrounding him.

  • TV-MA
  • S1, E3
  • October 21, 2020

Trickster Ep. 4

Wade confesses his reason for coming to town - the same as Georgina - to determine if Jared is also a trickster. And while Jared tries to steal some time with Sarah, Maggie and Sophia cast a spell, luring Wade - and Jared. They are interrupted by Georgina, and, after a bloody fight, Jared is forced to face the truth about who he is and a disturbing condition of his destiny.

  • TV-MA
  • S1, E4
  • October 28, 2020

Trickster Ep. 5

Shaken by the knowledge of his true self, Jared decides to run away with Sarah, but can he leave his whole life behind him? Meanwhile, Maggie knows she must protect Jared from Georgina, so she reluctantly decides to join forces with Wade. But Wade has plans of his own, and soon it is clear that he is the real threat to Jared. There can only be one trickster.

  • TV-MA
  • S1, E5
  • November 4, 2020

Trickster Ep. 6

Maggie takes Jared on the run in a desperate effort to keep him safe. Jared allies himself with Georgina to fight his father, but when the moment comes, Jared has difficulty killing Wade. Maggie takes matters into her own hands, ending Wade's threat, for now. But, if the past is any guide, Wade will return, and he'll be back to kill Jared. Pushed to the limit, Jared makes a fateful decision.

  • TV-MA
  • S1, E6
  • November 11, 2020